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Our service makes it easy by automating the process of monitoring sellers across multiple platforms.
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Automate MAP Reports

Our automated detailed product reports are sent to your inbox every morning. Receive data on violations, along with a screenshot of where the violation occurred.

Unauthorized Sellers

Identify violating merchants' contact information including business names, addresses and contact information, even if their seller name changes.

Multiple Scans Daily

MAPWatch scans numerous times throughout the day. We scan on multiple channels including: Amazon, eBay, Google and 3rd party websites.

Cross Reference

View a seller’s company name and contact information instantly, if available. Compile data and screenshots to cross reference and identify sellers.


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Scanning About 2,000,000 Products Multiple Times Per Day.

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After you sign up, fill in the product import template (CSV) with your products. Our team will import your products for you at no additional charge.

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Once the product sheet is imported, you will begin receiving reports the very next day. Your dedicated representive will check-in with you about any follow-up questions.

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